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Restaurant Pavilion

 Opened in 1958, Ward Parkway Shopping Center is one of the oldest enclosed malls in the country. After having gone through many changes in the tenant mix and physical structure a big part of the mall, a three story space that once housed Styx Baer and Fuller was removed to make way for a new restaurant pavilion that would feature six unique restaurants around an artificial turf lawn covered with a large canopy.

But the site topography provided a challenge for the new development and most of the visitors to the property could not see the new area and had no idea that something new had been opened.

Ownership needed a way to put the new pavilion on the map and train shoppers and diners to add the new restaurants to their list of options.

C2 creative developed a summer music series, holiday tree lighting event and a host of other family-oriented activities that attracted thousands from around the metro. The music series on Friday and Saturday evenings during summer months quickly became one of the hottest spots to see local talent and enjoy a nice glass of Chablis on one of the outdoor patios.

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